Migration Services

Visa Finder provides complete range of immigration solutions to help get individuals to the desired destination-Australia.  If you are looking for a wonderful country to visit, migrate, live, study or work Australia is definitely a best option to consider. Whether you are currently inside Australia or outside Australia, we do all onshore and offshore visa applications. We can assist you in different aspects and pathways of migration into Australia.

We provide friendly immigration consultation and explain complex issues in simple terms so that you understand all aspects of your application and have the confidence to proceed with your application. Our highly regarded professional team constantly monitors the changes in Australian immigration laws by offering you the most up-to-date advice. Our areas of expertise ranges from completing relatively straightforward visa applications to undertaking complicated applications requiring detailed arguments and submissions. We are also very experienced in preparing reviews to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal as well as lodging submissions for Ministerial Intervention Requests.

Pricing varies on the complexity of each case. Please contact us for a competitive and accurate quote. We also offer consultation on an hourly basis, to provide advice on how you can complete your own application.